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BENDURA BANK AG, Liechtenstein offers wealthy entrepreneurial families and affluent private individuals bespoke financial services. This includes portfolio management /investment advice, transaction banking and investment fund services.


BENDURA BANK AG, founded in 1998, is a fully licensed bank with headquarters in the principality of Liechtenstein. The company is a subsidiary (89.14%) of Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Ltd., a luxury goods company traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The bank's key employees have to the option to participate directly in the success of the business, thanks to an attractive employee ownership model. As a result, employees currently hold 1.97% of the shares of the bank. 7.79% of the shares are held by BENDURA BANK AG itself and 1.1% by third parties.

About BENDURA BANK AG Liechtenstein (

Discovering True Values

With its highly qualified and motivated employees and assets under management totalling around 3.6billion Swiss francs, BENDURA BANK AG ranks among the largest banks in the financial centre of Liechtenstein.

Client care in over 20 languages

The international and multi-cultural approach of our bank is one of the most important triumphs. Our demanding clients are served by specialised "International Desks". The teams consisting of advisors from diverse backgrounds speak 20 languages overall.

Client oriented approach

Personal care, individual consultation, careful trading, strict risk monitoring, reliability and seriousness are core basic values of our business philosophy which are put into practice with care and passion by our experienced client advisors. The interests of our clients are always at the heart of our activities.

Wide range of financial services for demanding clients

We concentrate on portfolio management/investment advice, transaction banking and investment fund services.


Committed and experienced employees

Committed employees thanks to attractive profit-sharing scheme

Our experienced employees are, amongst other things, highly motivated thanks to an attractive profit-sharing scheme. Overall, 42 high achievers from our company hold 15 per cent of shares in our institute.

It is our aim to bind employees to the company long-term, keep bonus payments low and promote sustainable growth. We want to continue to build up something with other people, give creative heads a perspective, have pride in creativity, provide direction.