Ernest Borel


In 1856, renowned watchmaker Jules Borel founded Ernest Borel in Neuchâtel, the legendary cradle for Swiss watchmaking. Swiss watch manufacturer Ernest Borel builds its reputation by over 160 years of watchmaking savoir-faire and heritage. Inspired by the corporate ethos of ‘Romantic Moments’, the creations of Ernest Borel are recognized among peers and customers alike for their excellence and patented designs, confirming the brand’s legacy as the paragon of Swiss-made couple watches. 

Informed by professional Swiss artisanship, innovative spirit and creative originality, Ernest Borel has been creating and revisiting horological legacy with precision, where each exquisite detail is a perfect embodiment of the cultural essence and impeccable craftsmanship of the brand. Dedicated to fusing romance and craftsmanship in their highest forms, Ernest Borel is the perfect choice for the most elegant connoisseurs of life.