Corporate Social Responsibilities


Mr. Hon was Appointed the Permanent Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong General Association of Xiamen


The Inaugural Ceremony of the 1st Council of Hong Kong Fortunate Community Charitable (the “HKFCC”) and Hong Kong Fortunate Community Charitable Foundation (the “Foundation”) was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 6 September 2015 and officiated by the Hon Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Secretary for Administration.

The Foundation was promoted and founded by the generous individuals of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations and initially raised over HK$100 million. The goal of the Foundation is to support social vulnerable groups, especially the grassroots elderly, women, children and students, in order to improve their living conditions and help them realize their dreams. Through serving the society selflessly, the Foundation, since its establishment, has been presenting Fujian people’s commitments towards the Hong Kong society and its contributions to the philanthropy, caring and harmony, peace and stableness of Hong Kong society.


Chairperson Hon Kwok Lung Donates for

Chairman's Column

June 20th, 2016. The New Home Association hosted the flag presentation ceremony for the 2nd “Four Seas as One Family, Hong Kong Youth Exchange Group.” at Tseung Kwan O Heung To Secondary School Auditorium to celebrate the 20’s year of Hong Kong’s return and to fulfill the spirit of “Four Seas as One Family”. 

Chief Executive of HKSAR, Leung Chun Ying and Director of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR Cheung Hiu Ming, along with other government and business officials, attended the event. 

The New Home Association will send over 2000 Hong Kong youth to Beijing, Fujian and Shenzhen to learn and exchange minds. The youth will explore the Intangible cultural heritage in Mainland China by themselves, learning the creative technique that merges both traditional and modern technologies then foster a more in-depth understanding of the “One Belt, One Road.” concept. It will help the Hong Kong youth to comprehend more about the home country and 5000-year Chinese history.

Director of New Home Association, Deputy Head of “Four Seas as One Family, Hong Kong Youth Exchange Group.”, Chairperson of ours, Mr. Hon Kwok Lung, as the host, was awarded a souvenir presented by Cheung Hiu Ming for donating the group with $1,000,000, supporting Hong Kong youth to “go outside.” He encouraged them to strive constantly to exert Hong Kong’s “Lion Rock Spirit.”, not only for their future but also the development of Hong Kong and the country. 




Even since 2008, the Group has launched a long-term philanthropic program, namely “An 18-year Promise”, in cooperation with the China Women’s Development Foundation of the All-China Women’s Federation. The Group is committed to finance the cost of raising 100 children, who are made orphans by the earthquake happened in Wenchuan in 2008, until they are 18 years old. 

In addition, the Group has held a charity fund-raising event called “KANA Charity Eve” annually since 2010 that was participated by numerous celebrities in the fashion industry. All additional funds raised are also channeled to provide living and educational benefits for those orphans. The China Charity Festival recognized such contribution and awarded “Public Welfare Image Prize 2012” to the Group.


韩国龙个人捐资2亿元 助力实现“石竹梦”


On 28th December, at the fifth opening of Fu Qing Shi Zhu Mountain Culture event, “The Chairman of Citychamp Watch and Jewellery Group Hon Kwok Lung personally donated two hundred million RMB to ‘Shi Zhu’ Charitable Foundation”. This event attracted more than a thousand people from both sides of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Tai Wan and Fu Jian Province. Citychamp Limited has successfully held this event. 

The event last for two days, it is themed with “Shi Zhu and Harmony”, The Second Council Meeting of Shi Zhu Charitable FoundationThe fifth opening of Shi Zhu Mountain culture event and Straits Forum·The Third Spring Festival Event of Daoist community etc. The core of these events is to build “China Dream” between cross-strait exchange and cooperation. 

December 27 afternoon, The Second Council Meeting of ‘Shi Zhu’ Charitable Foundation was held in Fu Qing, the deputy director of United Front Work Department Li Jia rong participated with other leaders. Mr. Hon Kwok Lung and other Fu Qing overseas Chinese have successfully hosted the Changing session work event. The new Board members have been elected and they announced the new articles of the funds. Mr. Hon Kwok Lung is elected as the next president of the Foundation, he said the foundation will contribute money aid develop education, alleviating poverty, support charitable organization and causes etc. Carry forward the best elements of Shi Zhu culture; promote the social harmony and progress of human civilization. Shi Zhu foundation is a non-public foundation that established in 2004, the competent business department of the foundation is also the United Front Work Department of Fu Jian province. 

December 28 morning, the fifth Shi Zhu mountain culture events held in Fu Qing.The Deputy Director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs of China JiangJian yongVice Chairman of Fu Jian province ChenRong kai and other leaders attended the ceremony. At the meeting, the were ceremony for shift board members. 

The new honorary chairman Hon Kwok Lung personally donated two hundred million RMB to ‘Shi Zhu’ Charitable Foundation”, this is the largest-ever personal donation since the foundation was established. Hon Kwok Lung delivered warm speech; he believes “Shi Zhu” culture is the precious culture wealth of China. By the lead of him, the foundation advocacy of “ dreampassioninnovative” spirit of enterprise, which is under the influence of Shi Zhu culture. He hopes more people could know his hometown and learn more about the Chinese traditions and culture through this culture festival.