Watches & Timepieces

Watches & Timepieces


The principal activities of the Group are the design, manufacturing and the sales and distribution of watches and timepieces. The business model encompasses the entire value chain, from raw materials and component procurement, product design and development, manufacturing of mechanical movements, assembly of components, and inventory management to the marketing of proprietary brands. The products are sold in Mainland China and overseas through its self-owned shops and distributors. The Group has also developed a distribution business of non-proprietary brands through a network of authorised dealers to sell more than 25 international brands in leading cities in Mainland China while operating an OEM watch movement production and accessories business.


1. Promotion of proprietary brands

The Group is committed to providing products that are highly respected for their quality and widely recognised. It owns renowned global watch brands including “Corum,” “Eterna,” “Rotary,” “Dreyfuss & Co” and “J&T Windmills.” The Group also owns two famous watch brands “Rossini” and “EBOHR” in Mainland China, with each of the Chinese brands boasting a strong network of more than 2,000 [point of sales / sales outlets]. 


2. Sales agent of non-proprietary brands

The Group is engaged in the distribution sales of more than 25 international non-proprietary brands across different provinces and cities through six distribution companies enlisted to capture a larger market share. The Group also has around 280 [self-owned] retail shops and distribution outlets in Beijing,  Fujian, Guangdong, Henan, Jilin, Liaoning, Shenyang, Sichuan and other major cities throughout Mainland China. 


3. Production of movements and accessories

The subsidiaries of the Group manufacture ordinary mechanical movements and tourbillion movements at a highly competitive cost. The Group is also engaged in the production of fashion watches as well as accessories on an OEM basis for international brands.