Eterna S.A. is a Swiss watch manufacturer established in 1856 and currently part of the Citychamp group. 

In its uncompromising quest for absolute mechanical perfection, Eterna has developed pioneering solutions for centuries-old watchmaking challenges in the course of it more than 150-year brand history and thus set new standards time and again.

Eterna produced many innovations in their history: In 1914,ETERNA created the first wristwatch with an integrated alarm. the smallest production wristwatch with a Baguette movement in 1930.

In 2009, half-century after the Eterna-Matic, the "Spherodrive" once again highlighted the significance of tiny ball-bearings in mechanical watchmaking.ETERNA watches enjoyed worldwide prestige early on for their unparalleled precision and reliability.

In 1948, Eterna advanced self-winding watch technology with the development of the Eterna-matic automatic movement. The use of five strategically placed ball bearings made the movement very efficient and significantly reduced friction and resistance on the oscillating weight that wound the mainspring. This reduced the wear and tear on internal parts, increasing the watch’s accuracy and useful life. The new watch became popular soon, is probably the most famous Eterna watch and may be one of Eterna’s greatest designs. Its popularity was such that in 1948 Eterna adopted the image of five balls as its corporate logo.

In 1999, Eterna produced a range of watches marketed under the Porsche Design label. In the 2000s Eterna resumed manufacturing watches and creating the Calibre 6036 in 2004. The ultra-thin automatic 3030 was produced for the 150th anniversary in 2006.